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“When I turned 40 I had frown lines and crows feet that were really starting to bother me and I booked a consultation with Clara at The Mulberry Clinic Cardiff. I was very apprehensive about having Botox but when I met with Clara and went through the treatment (including risks and potential results) I decided to go ahead – and I have not looked back.Clara really took the time to understand my areas of concern and the effect/results I was seeking to achieve. I found her really approachable and was very impressed with her professional yet personal service.The results were just what I wanted and I have since returned for further treatment.I would have no hesitation in recommending Clara to anyone that wants an approachable, friendly and very professional service, particularly if you are having Botox for the first time.”

M.B. Aged 40



“I had previously experienced 2 unsatisfactory facial treatments and was wary about trying yet another treatment with yet another Doctor. However, I met with Dr Clara Hurst and she immediately put me at my ease, she discussed all available treatments in depth. I did not feel under pressure to say yes to any of the treatments and I was given plenty of time to make my mind up.I agreed to go ahead with the treatment…and I am very glad I did. The initial treatment produced much better results than expected and I have been back on a further 2 occasions, on each occasion a full consultation occurs and all options are discussed. I will be making another appointment in the very near future.”

M.R. Aged 65



“I visited Dr Hurst at The Mulberry Clinic to start Dermaroller treatment shortly after having a baby as I had quiet a few stretch marks. Dr Hurst was lovely she explained everything in fine detail and made me feel very comfortable. I saw a massive improvement after each treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the end result, the treatment has also helped to tighten my skin. Dr Hurst is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.”

A.C Aged 30



“I started having Botox and fillers a almost a year ago and I am so happy with the results!! I had very deep forehead lines and was self conscious about them. Clara treated them and since I have felt much happier with my appearance. Clara is so professional and it has been a pleasure being her patient!“

S.T.  Aged 41



“My first venture into Botox and dermal fillers was with Clara, and I would recommend her unreservedly.  Clara carefully evaluated my expectations and I found her both professional and approachable, putting me immediately at my ease.  I was very delighted with the results, which were effective yet subtle.”

D.B. Aged 40



“Clara has been looking after my skin for over a year now and I have seen a huge difference. The most important thing to remember when choosing to have any procedure is that you should always seek out a qualified and experienced Doctor, Clara is both of these. She listens to your concerns and advises you on the most appropriate action, she does not try to sell you procedures that you don’t need. I trust her 100%!”

L.K. Age 44



“I’ve been having treatments with Dr Hurst for the last 5 years and during this time my skin has improved dramatically. A course of Dermaroller treatments and glycolic peels have perfected the texture of my skin and faded most of my pigmentation. I have also been having Botox treatments every 6 months and fillers once a year and I’ve been able to maintain amazing results for the last 5 years. Every time I see old friends or family I haven’t seen in a while they keep commenting on how refreshed I’m looking and often ask whether I’ve been on holiday! I would recommend Dr Hurst to anyone, she’s very honest and informative and never makes you feel pressured to have any treatment”

J.R.E. Aged 62



“After having my teeth whitened at my dentist twice without great results I heard through a friend that she’d had her teeth whitened 2 years ago with Clara…and they were still white!! I decided to make an appointment to see Clara and she explained all my whitening options and recommended at home whitening for the longest lasting and most dramatic results. I’m so glad I did! I only had to use the gel for 30minutes a day and after 10 days they where really white and bright. I now top them up once every 2-3 months and so far they haven’t faded at all. It was so easy and so much cheaper…I wish I had done it sooner!”

A.M. Aged 34



“After having 3 children and losing and gaining weight over the years, I noticed my face was looking a little drawn and tired.  One of my friends had had fillers with Dr Hurst and looked fantastic so I decided to book a free consultation to see if anything could be done. She explained all my treatment options and discussed all the pros and cons of treatments. She recommended I had cheek enhancement with a product called Juvederm and I decided to go ahead and have the treatment done on the same day. The results were immediate but have also improved with time. It’s subtle enough that nobody has asked if I’ve had treatment yet everyone comments on how well and rested I look. I’m so happy with the results I would recommend this treatment to anyone!”

J.G Aged 52



I have been receiving Botox treatments from The Mulberry Clinic for approximately a year now. I am a 28 year old woman who spends a large amount of time outdoors and I was starting to feel the effects on my skin. I asked for the Mulberry Clinic’s advice as to early preventative measures that I could take to ensure that I did not get deep set wrinkles in the future and I was recommended to try Botox. The results have been fantastic! I received treatments in my forehead, midline and around my eyes to banish fine lines and I have has excellent results. I now feel more confident, have radiant skin and I feel a lot happier about my appearance. This quick and easy treatment is a real must!

V.M. Aged 28

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