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Dr Clara Hurst BDS graduated as a dental surgeon from King’s College London Medical and Dental School in 2005. Her interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics led to further training and study within the field of facial rejuvenation and subsequently specialization in non-surgical medical cosmetic enhancement procedures. Today Dr Hurst practices exclusively in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine and she is a recognized cosmetic specialist.


From Dr Clara Hurst,

I love what I do. I get great personal satisfaction by making my clients look their best in as gentle and natural a way as possible. There is no doubt that for most of us, when we look our best, we have renewed confidence and energy about every aspect of our lives. I aim to achieve this goal for all my clients. My policy is not to charge for consultations, in fact I encourage clients to return should they have concerns following treatment. Because the cosmetic medical treatments I offer are not permanent, it is important that treatment is ongoing in order to maintain a youthful appearance.


I care about my clients and feel it is of paramount importance that you have as much time as you need to discuss your individual requirements before we decide on a course of treatment, as well as to follow up and check on progress afterwards. You are welcome to come in any time on a no obligation basis for a chat about treatments.

Dr Clara Hurst

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